SiteGround Reseller Hosting

In the current market scenario of e-commerce and online startups, a website is absolutely necessary. A web hosting provider offers the necessary hardware resources to host a website in most cases, since most startups can’t afford a full-fledged server in the first place. However, not everyone can directly approach a web hosting service to geological boundaries or payment gateway conflicts to be more specific, thus relying on the local providers become the density.


However, with a reseller hosting plan someone can become a local web hosting provider backed up by a highly reputed web hosting provider like SiteGround. Down to the core concepts, SiteGround would offer a chunk of hosting resources to a distributor who would later sell the chunk of space and resource to individual web hosting customers; the distributor will himself figure out the revenue and profit margin because SiteGround is very liberal in reseller hosting business. They provide affiliate programs too, you can sign up for SiteGround affiliate program start making money from your blog.

And the best part is, hosting resellers usually offer a whole lot of discounts through coupon codes, a customer could even avail a rate that’s lower than the regular SiteGround pricing mentioned on their official website.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Features

SiteGround takes a soft an easy approach towards the resellers who would resell the SiteGround hosting plans. Only 5 reseller credits is required to start reselling. The price per credits starts as low as $49/credit for up to 4 credits, for 5-10 credits it would cost $45/credit and for 11+ credits, the pricing drops down to $42/credit. As it appears, the higher the credit is the lower the price becomes, thus making more sales is more important in SiteGround Reseller Hosting. However, SiteGround doesn’t enforce the reseller to sell a specific amount of hosting plans each month for the revenue of the resellers, also the payment is made weekly instead of monthly. Once a reseller gets into the track of business, they are supposed to make good money off SiteGround hosting.

Standardized Features for Each Reseller Hosting Account

Each reseller hosting account comes with following features –

  • 10 GB hard drive space for each reseller hosting account. Only 1 domain is allocated for each hosting account, hence the buyer can only host one website on each of the accounts they purchase/resell.
  • Monthly bandwidth allocation is unlimited for SiteGround Reseller accounts, however with the overall hardware resource setup an owner would be able to get around 10,000 monthly visits.
  • Unlimited free email account for each purchased hosting account.
  • For content management, cPanel and Softaculous is provided as CMS.
  • SiteGround has regional servers in three different continents, hence serving users located in these locations and beyond is much easier.
  • SSD based storage is available for even faster pulling of websites on visitor’s window.
  • CloudFlare CDN is allocated for free, for each SiteGround Reseller Hosting accounts.
  • Level 1 SuperCacher is activated on each reseller hosting account.
  • Shared SSL certificate, pretty much okay for e-commerce websites.
  • FTP accounts are supported, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are offered.


Pricing for the SiteGround Reseller Hosting Accounts is excellent. To be a successful website reseller, try offering discount coupon codes as a marketing strategy. More people would be interested in SiteGround hosting in this way, which would also enable a reseller to make more money in short time. Read more about various hosting reviews on SelectedHosting hosting blog.

How To Install WordPress On WP Engine Hosting

WPEngine is the best platform to host your WordPress blog. However, with all the updates coming up every now and then, it is necessary to know how to install these updates without affecting your website. You need to first know that in order to add WordPress installs to your account, you need a professional plan or higher. On you will find all tutorials about WP Engine.  In addition, you will not be able to delete the primary install of WordPress that was created when you first set up your account with WPEngine. You can only add and delete installs within the portal.

How To Install WordPress On WP Engine Hosting

How To Add An Install
You need to follow the below steps to add a new WordPress install. Please note that you need to be logged in as an Owner to be able to add an install.

  • Login to the User portal
  • Click on ‘installs’ in the top navigation bar
  • Click on ‘add installs’ in the left navigation bar that will be visible under your current installs
  • In the next prompt box, you need to type the installation name
  • Click on the button that says ‘save install’
  • You will shortly receive an email notifying you of the creation of your install

How To Delete An Install
Please note that you need to be logged in as an Owner to be able to delete an install. Follow the following steps.

  • Login to the user portal
  • In the top right of the first box that appears, click ‘delete install’
  • Another dialogue box will appear confirming if you wish to delete

How To Add Domain
You can also add domains in the user portal under the section ‘domains’. This will ensure that your WordPress installation is linked to your domain name. This is how you do it.

  • Login to the User portal as an owner
  • Click on ‘installs’
  • Under installs you wish to modify, click on ‘domains’
  • This ‘domains’ section allows you to link your domain to the WordPress installation
  • Enter the domain name you wish to add
  • Then click ‘add domain’
  • Link the domain to your WordPress installation

Please note: Do not delete your domain name from the ‘domains’ section. This will cause your website to break, as the server will not be able to access the site URL. If you do not want your website to be accessible by your domain, you need to delete the domain name and simply add it as a redirect to your domain name.

Please note that if you want your installs to be WordPress multisite enabled, you need to check the box that says ‘enable multisite’ while creating an install. Millions of users are taking control of their own website with WPEngine. You can get it for much cheaper if you check it correctly. Use WP Engine Coupon here and enjoy saving. There is nothing easier out there and you do not need any technical knowledge to keep your website running smoothly as well. What makes WordPress better than the rest is they negate the cost factor by offering various offers and deals all the time.

3 Cheap and Reliable WordPress Hosting Companies

People had been asking us to review some WordPress hosting plans from various hosting companies out there. As blogging has become highly popular these days, WordPress based hosting plans are recently gaining more appeal. Even though there are some glitches, still most of the companies are sincere about providing better service. With bigger amount of money comes the best service, but what if you don’t have the bigger wallet? Then you need to choose companies that offer reliable WordPress hosting for cheap. While we were judging companies for their WordPress hosting plans, these two were the criteria we had focused on.


Background for the Tests

Before we share and explain our test results, we would like to tell you the factors we judge. Since it is related to the goodwill of a company, we are very strict while reviewing any of them. We try our best to stick to impartiality, as a part of this ethic we won’t be bringing any biasness to the test results. However, the focus was mostly on website uptime guarantee. In any website related business, uptime is the most important part. An unavailable website can make the customers lose their interest within a fraction of seconds! No websites were practically up 99.9% as promised which we didn’t expect either. Because in reality 99.9% or 100% uptime is impossible but they were still up for above 98% of the testing period which we would say is very satisfactory.


WordPress recommends BlueHost for their hosting, and BlueHost’s service is different from any other WordPress hosting company as well. The basic hosting packages begin at $3.95/month and the dedicated WordPress hosting plan is $12.49 for the first month. You can reduce the feels with discount coupons for Bluehost black Friday and Bluehost Cyber Monday offer. While you will have to start from the scratch to setup WordPress on the other plans, it is preinstalled and set up on the WordPress hosting plan. The company has been around since 1996 so there’s no question about the reputation, and their customer care is well-known for reaching out hands when you are in difficulty.

The only downside of this company is, they are said to lack many features that other companies do provide. But if you take their pricing plans into consideration then hopefully you will drop all the complaints you have. offers web hosting for as low as $0.50 per month! People with really tight budget no longer have to stick to free hosting plans. However, even with a monthly rate this low, they still provide WordPress hosting with all unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, domains, FTP accounts etc.

Network Solutions

This company is well reputed for having a well-built library of applications. The company has been around since internet is there for consumer level usage! The company started their business back in 1979 and they are still rolling. The company offers web hosting packages for as low as $0.99/month. WordPress support is available and 1 click installation as well.


There are plenty more companies offering WordPress hosting services but these three companies happened to seem best during our tests. HostingDecisions provide brief details and review about web hosting, don’t forgot to check it out. If you further extend the top three lists to top ten, you will surely find many more to consider as your WordPress based web hosting.

HostGator Web Hosting Review

The mother organization of HostGator is called Endurance International Group (EIG) who had been in the web hosting business for quite a long time. Their timely experience contributes a lot to the business they conduct, HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies as of yet. New webmasters tend to prefer HostGator over any other web hosting; and for easy shared web hosting packages people often look no further than a HostGator package. Apart from shared hosting plans, there are dedicated, VPS, cloud and reseller hosting packages as well.



The HostGator web hosting package range is quite comprehensive. They offer all sorts of web hosting packages within a reasonable price point. Shared web hosting plans from HostGator have a higher demand than most other companies, probably the reason why we could find a lot of affiliate hosting coupons to start off with a discounted rate.

  • Shared Web Hosting: HostGator allows signing up for monthly packages, paid monthly. However, the offers really push the potential subscribers to purchase the shared plan for a longer period of time, for at least 6 months. The subscription cost gets cheaper with a prolonged contract period. Monthly shared packages start at $8.95/month for both one month or a six month’s contract, but they get less for longer contracts like 1,2 or 3 year.

There are three shared hosting plans named Hatchling, Baby and Business. As they appear, Hatchling is for newcomers and priced $8.95/month. Baby is for high traffic generating personal blogs and small business websites; cost $9.95/month. The Business plan is more suitable for smaller and mid-sized businesses and it cost $14.95/month.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting: In dedicated hosting plans, one account is specifically hosted on one server hardware. Hard disk space, CPU speed, monthly bandwidth allocation, email accounts and everything else is reserved for one account, no sharing takes place among different accounts. Such hosting plans from HostGator start from $139/month. An average dedicated hosting plan from HostGator offers 1 TB of hard drive storage, 25 GB bandwidth allowance and 16GB of RAM on the server computer for faster underlying operation.
  • Virtual Private Server: HostGator offers Linux based VPS hosting. The primary packages cost $19.95/month. The most basic plan is named Snappy 500, offerings are – 512MB RAM; 240 GB disk space and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth allocation. People looking for Windows based VPS hosting can’t find luck with HostGator hosting, though.
  • WordPress: Unfortunately, there’s no readymade WordPress based web hosting offered by HostGator. Setting up a WordPress based website on HostGator hosting is easy, but unlike HostGator’s market competitiors this company doesn’t offer a pre-made package.

Customer Support & Service

HostGator’s interface may not require much assistance while setting up and hosting a website. However if you do, or something goes wrong in your hosting server then the service team at HostGator is happily willing to help. For basic issues, the FAQ section would probably answer all your questions. For more, raise a ticket and wait for the support team to get back – it’s quite simple.

Summary & Conclusion

The comprehensive array of features and minimal costs make HostGator an appealing hosting provider. The user interface may not be as easy as most other market competitors, still it’s worth every penny you pay.