Hello, I am Elizabeth, a 66 years old lady living at Golden Valley. I am blessed with two children and happy go lucky husband. I am a retired accountant and was working with a government organization for 30 years. I have loads of free time and due to health issues I am unable to go out and meet new people. I love spending time with my grandchildren and telling them stories. Besides, I love gardening and spend most of time on improving the skills and researching on the same. After retirement, I have spent quality time with the nature and have taken good care of my plants and trees in my surrounding area.

I started blogging with the aim of meeting and interacting with new people as I mentioned that I am unable to go out. Blogging gave me chance to share my thoughts, opinions and feelings through articles. I mostly write on gardening and also provide tips to people with similar interests. Many of them seek advice on gardening and humbly reply to most of the emails that I receive from followers of my blogs. The positive and tremendous response from people helps me to write more and research more on various topics related to gardening.