HostGator Web Hosting Review

The mother organization of HostGator is called Endurance International Group (EIG) who had been in the web hosting business for quite a long time. Their timely experience contributes a lot to the business they conduct, HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies as of yet. New webmasters tend to prefer HostGator over any other web hosting; and for easy shared web hosting packages people often look no further than a HostGator package. Apart from shared hosting plans, there are dedicated, VPS, cloud and reseller hosting packages as well.



The HostGator web hosting package range is quite comprehensive. They offer all sorts of web hosting packages within a reasonable price point. Shared web hosting plans from HostGator have a higher demand than most other companies, probably the reason why we could find a lot of affiliate hosting coupons to start off with a discounted rate.

  • Shared Web Hosting: HostGator allows signing up for monthly packages, paid monthly. However, the offers really push the potential subscribers to purchase the shared plan for a longer period of time, for at least 6 months. The subscription cost gets cheaper with a prolonged contract period. Monthly shared packages start at $8.95/month for both one month or a six month’s contract, but they get less for longer contracts like 1,2 or 3 year.

There are three shared hosting plans named Hatchling, Baby and Business. As they appear, Hatchling is for newcomers and priced $8.95/month. Baby is for high traffic generating personal blogs and small business websites; cost $9.95/month. The Business plan is more suitable for smaller and mid-sized businesses and it cost $14.95/month.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting: In dedicated hosting plans, one account is specifically hosted on one server hardware. Hard disk space, CPU speed, monthly bandwidth allocation, email accounts and everything else is reserved for one account, no sharing takes place among different accounts. Such hosting plans from HostGator start from $139/month. An average dedicated hosting plan from HostGator offers 1 TB of hard drive storage, 25 GB bandwidth allowance and 16GB of RAM on the server computer for faster underlying operation.
  • Virtual Private Server: HostGator offers Linux based VPS hosting. The primary packages cost $19.95/month. The most basic plan is named Snappy 500, offerings are – 512MB RAM; 240 GB disk space and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth allocation. People looking for Windows based VPS hosting can’t find luck with HostGator hosting, though.
  • WordPress: Unfortunately, there’s no readymade WordPress based web hosting offered by HostGator. Setting up a WordPress based website on HostGator hosting is easy, but unlike HostGator’s market competitiors this company doesn’t offer a pre-made package.

Customer Support & Service

HostGator’s interface may not require much assistance while setting up and hosting a website. However if you do, or something goes wrong in your hosting server then the service team at HostGator is happily willing to help. For basic issues, the FAQ section would probably answer all your questions. For more, raise a ticket and wait for the support team to get back – it’s quite simple.

Summary & Conclusion

The comprehensive array of features and minimal costs make HostGator an appealing hosting provider. The user interface may not be as easy as most other market competitors, still it’s worth every penny you pay.

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