SiteGround Reseller Hosting

In the current market scenario of e-commerce and online startups, a website is absolutely necessary. A web hosting provider offers the necessary hardware resources to host a website in most cases, since most startups can’t afford a full-fledged server in the first place. However, not everyone can directly approach a web hosting service to geological boundaries or payment gateway conflicts to be more specific, thus relying on the local providers become the density.


However, with a reseller hosting plan someone can become a local web hosting provider backed up by a highly reputed web hosting provider like SiteGround. Down to the core concepts, SiteGround would offer a chunk of hosting resources to a distributor who would later sell the chunk of space and resource to individual web hosting customers; the distributor will himself figure out the revenue and profit margin because SiteGround is very liberal in reseller hosting business. They provide affiliate programs too, you can sign up for SiteGround affiliate program start making money from your blog.

And the best part is, hosting resellers usually offer a whole lot of discounts through coupon codes, a customer could even avail a rate that’s lower than the regular SiteGround pricing mentioned on their official website.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Features

SiteGround takes a soft an easy approach towards the resellers who would resell the SiteGround hosting plans. Only 5 reseller credits is required to start reselling. The price per credits starts as low as $49/credit for up to 4 credits, for 5-10 credits it would cost $45/credit and for 11+ credits, the pricing drops down to $42/credit. As it appears, the higher the credit is the lower the price becomes, thus making more sales is more important in SiteGround Reseller Hosting. However, SiteGround doesn’t enforce the reseller to sell a specific amount of hosting plans each month for the revenue of the resellers, also the payment is made weekly instead of monthly. Once a reseller gets into the track of business, they are supposed to make good money off SiteGround hosting.

Standardized Features for Each Reseller Hosting Account

Each reseller hosting account comes with following features –

  • 10 GB hard drive space for each reseller hosting account. Only 1 domain is allocated for each hosting account, hence the buyer can only host one website on each of the accounts they purchase/resell.
  • Monthly bandwidth allocation is unlimited for SiteGround Reseller accounts, however with the overall hardware resource setup an owner would be able to get around 10,000 monthly visits.
  • Unlimited free email account for each purchased hosting account.
  • For content management, cPanel and Softaculous is provided as CMS.
  • SiteGround has regional servers in three different continents, hence serving users located in these locations and beyond is much easier.
  • SSD based storage is available for even faster pulling of websites on visitor’s window.
  • CloudFlare CDN is allocated for free, for each SiteGround Reseller Hosting accounts.
  • Level 1 SuperCacher is activated on each reseller hosting account.
  • Shared SSL certificate, pretty much okay for e-commerce websites.
  • FTP accounts are supported, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are offered.


Pricing for the SiteGround Reseller Hosting Accounts is excellent. To be a successful website reseller, try offering discount coupon codes as a marketing strategy. More people would be interested in SiteGround hosting in this way, which would also enable a reseller to make more money in short time. Read more about various hosting reviews on SelectedHosting hosting blog.

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