3 Cheap and Reliable WordPress Hosting Companies

People had been asking us to review some WordPress hosting plans from various hosting companies out there. As blogging has become highly popular these days, WordPress based hosting plans are recently gaining more appeal. Even though there are some glitches, still most of the companies are sincere about providing better service. With bigger amount of money comes the best service, but what if you don’t have the bigger wallet? Then you need to choose companies that offer reliable WordPress hosting for cheap. While we were judging companies for their WordPress hosting plans, these two were the criteria we had focused on.


Background for the Tests

Before we share and explain our test results, we would like to tell you the factors we judge. Since it is related to the goodwill of a company, we are very strict while reviewing any of them. We try our best to stick to impartiality, as a part of this ethic we won’t be bringing any biasness to the test results. However, the focus was mostly on website uptime guarantee. In any website related business, uptime is the most important part. An unavailable website can make the customers lose their interest within a fraction of seconds! No websites were practically up 99.9% as promised which we didn’t expect either. Because in reality 99.9% or 100% uptime is impossible but they were still up for above 98% of the testing period which we would say is very satisfactory.


WordPress recommends BlueHost for their hosting, and BlueHost’s service is different from any other WordPress hosting company as well. The basic hosting packages begin at $3.95/month and the dedicated WordPress hosting plan is $12.49 for the first month. You can reduce the feels with discount coupons for Bluehost black Friday and Bluehost Cyber Monday offer. While you will have to start from the scratch to setup WordPress on the other plans, it is preinstalled and set up on the WordPress hosting plan. The company has been around since 1996 so there’s no question about the reputation, and their customer care is well-known for reaching out hands when you are in difficulty.


The only downside of this company is, they are said to lack many features that other companies do provide. But if you take their pricing plans into consideration then hopefully you will drop all the complaints you have. Web.com offers web hosting for as low as $0.50 per month! People with really tight budget no longer have to stick to free hosting plans. However, even with a monthly rate this low, they still provide WordPress hosting with all unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, domains, FTP accounts etc.

Network Solutions

This company is well reputed for having a well-built library of applications. The company has been around since internet is there for consumer level usage! The company started their business back in 1979 and they are still rolling. The company offers web hosting packages for as low as $0.99/month. WordPress support is available and 1 click installation as well.


There are plenty more companies offering WordPress hosting services but these three companies happened to seem best during our tests. HostingDecisions provide brief details and review about web hosting, don’t forgot to check it out. If you further extend the top three lists to top ten, you will surely find many more to consider as your WordPress based web hosting.

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